Langkawi Musings – Part III

Welcome back – you are still there, waiting anxiously, aren’t you?

So, having recovered from the kayaking, we thought we rather liked this watersport business & we were hungry for more. Cue the ‘jet ski’ experience. Now, as a rule, I detest anything that disturbs my peace & quiet, that includes those pesky macaque monkies that rumble across my roof top most mornings before the sun even gets up, and right in the middle of that fantastic dream where I was just about to ….. I will never know now! Anyway, jet skis would have fallen into that category, at least until a few days ago.

We liked the idea of doing an eight island trek by jet ski – four hours zipping around parts of LK we had not been to previously. So, you read the blurb, and the instructions, you know the “dos” and “don’ts” and we arrive at the shack on the beach, prepared, and in good time. Now, why is it that some people just don’t read the instructions – and no,  they weren’t all men before some of you even say it. So we had the sequence of “Can I buy some water here?” and “Is there a bathroom I can use?” and “I didn’t bring my wallet/sun cream/brain”. Read the instructions people, stop acting the monkey & don’t be delaying the adventure for the rest of us!

Bit of a row between these two on the roof over a cob of corn – the heat is getting to them too!

So, after the safety briefing and the easy to follow “this is how a jet ski works” we get on the beast, a two seater for us as we are both jet ski virgins (note to self, the driver mounts first – it’s less embarrassing that way). All now aboard, engines purring, thumbs up and away we go. Five jet skis, in arrow formation, cutting through the open sea, led by our excellent * guide, ‘Shahrul’. 

Now, the reason for the arrow formation is so everyone can see & follow the leader, at a safe distance, and outside the wake of your nearest jet ski. I mean how difficult can it be to steer? Well quite a bit it turns out!  For some reason our jet ski had a mind of its own. We darted then spluttered, did the odd 180 degree, almost threw ourselves off the damn thing several times, before eventually getting us going on the same tour as everyone else. Then we started to pick up speed and going great guns until we hit a body of rougher water; that’s when we are brought down to ‘earth’ with, literally, a big bang. But we managed to stay on board & off we fly again, reaching speeds of  up to 40 mph on occasions – not sure why it was in mph rather than ‘knots’! It was truly exhilarating and the most fun I had since, well, the kayaking. 

We went around eight different islands, right up under the cliffs, down through the fjord, where your voice echoes around the cliff face, and the water is so still, so turquoise, so deep and today so full of jellyfish – no swim in this spot! We take some snaps in the backdrop of Dayang Bunting, the island which contains the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. It’s a large fresh water lake and legend has it, depending on who is telling the tale, that it can bestow the blessing which is the patter of tiny feet, if you catch my drift. So, after we climbed up and the down the several hundred steps that take you from shore up, over and then down to the lake, in the searing heat, you can take a ride on a duck pedalloe, swim in the lake or drink the water – depending on what you were wishing for – we kept well clear of the water!

Very odd to see duck pedalloes in ths location!

We continued our adventure, under more cliff edges where the limestone rock is being constantly eroded at the base. Shahrul explains that there were once 105 islands making up Langkawi, now it’s down to 99! Thankfully we didn’t damage any of those remaining. Today the tide is also with us and we get to motor right through a cave, some spectacular wing shaped stalactites, formed naturally over hundreds of years. After the cave we get some ‘play time’ to mess about, in a sensible way of course. So, at this point, we swap rider for passenger & ‘her indoors’ takes control. Turns out she can well master the beast & makes a very impressive debut! (With apologies to Shahrul for running him down on the switch back.)

Low tide left this fishing boat stranded – will take some time to lift

Our final stop is another beautiful small island where we get that well earned opportunity for a swim. Suitably refreshed, or as much as you can be in a warm bath in the sun, it’s back in the saddle for the race home to Cenang beach – boys will be boys. Have to say it was a super experience, very well organised and great value for money. Love the sweet purr of those jet ski engines.* We took our tour (Tour 2) with Mega Water Sports & I would happily recommend them to anyone.

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