When you can’t see in the dark …..

So, after a long day out walking the kampung, watching hornbills and white bellied eagles out at Pasir Tengkorak, a few dips in the Andaman, and the odd sunset cocktail or two, we eventually decided to hit the hay. After locking up the house we head for the leaba; and a final ‘have we done everything’? Lights off – check, keys – check, drinking water – check, phone – *loud screams* followed by *loud screams* from Mares – seems phone has been replaced on the shelf over the bed by a rather large, live, throbbing, warm, moist, sticky – frog!!

Lights on *screams subside* but hearts throbbing, what now? So I am tasked with catching and removing the frog. I gather a table tidy basket and my trusty iPad – it’s only IOS 9.3.5 will it work, who knows – so covering the frog with the basket I slide the iPad under & scoop him into the basket. Heading rapidly for the semi outside bathroom he jumps violently in the basket at which point I send him flying across the room again to freedom – unlikely. Basket & iPad in hand, I valiantly try to recapture the beast a second time & wonder, given we are in the tropics, whether it could be venemous, could my life be in danger? Well the hilarious laughter and falling around giggling from herself suggests that while she had grabbed it earlier it may indeed be harmless.

So I eventually scoop it up again and head to the bathroom, with the intent of throwing it out on the roof – *more screams* – ‘what are you doing’? No, that won’t do, so I have to bring it, while it jumps about in the basket, out across the landing, trying to stop laughing, then down the steep staircase under the supervision of a giggle box behind me, out through the front room, unlock the door to lay the offender gently on the outside patio.
Peace is restored, laughter continues, back to the leaba to listen to the night sounds from the jungle outside. Ribid, ribid, ribid ……

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