Life in the slow lane …..

So, just over ten days since we arrived in Malaysia and over 10,900km from home. We spent four great nights in Kuala Lumpur catching up with some old friends including the wonderful Susanna Goho, from the House of Suzie Wong, and Patty Turner, from Teriang House, who kindly showed us some unfamiliar sights in KL, for which our thanks.

We are now based in Teriang House, a unique Heritage Home, on Pulau Langkawi. On a daily basis we share the house and the mini jungle in the back garden with (naughty) macaque and (cute) dusky leaf monkeys, monitor lizards, squirrels, hornbills, and whatever else nature sends our way. Absolutely fantastic, particularly late evening. The house is situated by the sea in an old Chinese fishing village, or kampung. If you would like to read more about life in our kampung, Kuala Teriang, my blogger friend, Vanessa Workman, gives a great insight in her recent blog.

For those of you not familiar with this part of the world, the island of Langkawi, named after that world renowned Dublin restaurant ‘Langkawi’, lies north west of peninsular Malaysia, and just 800km north of the equator. Actually we are probably closer to mainland Thailand than Malaysia! We have been here a number of times previously and we have to thank the said world famous Chef, Alexander Hosey, for introducing us to the delights of Malaysia, its people, food, culture and religions. 

We have our favourite spots in Langkawi, like Pasir Tengkorak, aka Sandy Skull Beach, which got its name from one of the many tales we have heard over the years. This secluded beach is visited by locals and some more adventurous tourists. The locals are only too delighted to chat – even when you are bobbing about in the turquoise balmy waters of the Andaman Sea. One young lad asked us last week why do the girls lie down on the beach for so long – try come up with a logical and sensible answer to that simple question in your flowery togs!

Come and feel at home why don’t you

We are here in Langkawi for another four weeks, so we will have a few more tales to tell and tails to wag as the weeks go by. So, stay tuned, you would never know who might make a guest appearance in the next edition…… Jumpa lagi.

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